Welcome to Another Place Like Home. 

APLH is an online multidisciplinary experiment in storytelling curated by Andrew Jackson. That asks you to share stories which explore the human experience.

These stories can be told through photographs, prose, poems, essays, audio or video - you decide.

One example of the type of stories which we are interested in seeing are ones exploring notions of belonging.

Each and every one of us, wherever we are from, and however we identify, are attempting to belong to something. Whether it be to an ideology, a place, a group or a person - belonging shapes our identities. 

Yet, what does it mean to belong, in a time when identities and citizenships can be removed, in the stroke of a pen? Or when the words 'Leave' or 'Remain' can define and separate us? 

Stories link us to the past, and yet they help us to imagine the future, but they also help us to share our thoughts and to understand the lives of others.

We are all made from stories - our stories define us.

So, what story do you have to share?